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Getting People and Technology Together  
Success by design

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Competitive analysis
Positioning strategy
Messaging strategy

Business-IT alignment
Web site design
Database development
Systems integration


Intranet, Web and Tool Design

Respect-oriented design begins with listening. In a free initial consultation, we discuss your team's needs, building consensus around a set of requirements. We then propose one or more solution concepts, paying close attention to existing systems, emerging standards, and your team's long-term goals and capabilities. Respect Systems specializes in developing custom tools that make rote tasks less tedious, streamline handoffs between groups, and generally help people do more with less. No engagement is complete until your staff takes ownership and key stakeholders are satisfied.

Firms we've helped develop intranets, Web sites and productivity tools:

  • Atrium School - PushPin mapping application; student reporting system
  • Fleet Financial (now Bank of America) - Strategic Web site development
  • Innergy - intranet and Web site design
  • New England Electric - technology strategy, intranet pilot
  • Sampson's - Web site design
  • UPS - multi-lingual text conversion
  • Zentropy Partners - intranet and software development

Product Strategy & Communications

The other half of building great technology is talking about it in ways that educate, motivate, and inspire. Respect Systems is committed to bringing people and technology together through clear communication, whether we build the solution, or help you evangelize your own products and services. Our services include market analysis, product development, and brand and marcom consulting. Every engagement is unique, but our goal is always the same — to ensure that people get the most out of your technology.

Some firms we've helped to create, position, and launch products:

  • Anysoft - strategic product development and go-to-market guidance
  • Borland - JBuilder product strategy, competitive analysis
  • Documentum - ECM market analysis; vertical-industry white paper
  • Macromedia - MX brand strategy; Cold Fusion, Flash MX white papers
  • Siebel - SWOT analysis; Universal Application Network [UAN] strategy
  • Sitraka (now Quest Software) - J2EE systems management product strategy
  • Whitehill Technologies - XML-tool market guidance